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Remember Pac Man??

The game hit big with players, but it’s not the only redone retro video game to get a new lease on life through phones. Join us as we jump, hop, race, run, and Pac-Man-chew our way through some revamped classics you can hold in the palm of your hand. Pac-Man 256 Retro games don’t get any more iconic than Pac-Man.

Retro games don’t get any more iconic than Pac-Man. The 1980s arcade hero is a little yellow creature that runs through a maze eating pellets and avoiding a cadre of colorful ghost villains. Pac-Man 256 adds a big twist to this concept by turning the playing field into an endless maze. You are no longer contained within a big square. This game goes on and on and on.

The point of the game is to keep moving while ducking the ghosts (or eating them when you can). Special pellets called “power-ups” appeared in the original game version. In Pac-Man 256, they can imbue your hungry hero with special powers, including lasers and a stealth mode. It’s an entertaining new take on a game that has been around for a long time.



answer: C