Are You A Genius? Try This Test


Is it 1,2,3, or 4
USING FOUL LANGUAGE ( Answer can be found here: ) While we may be inclined to associate swearing with a lack of class and education, swearing is actually a sign of an intelligent mind.A 2016 study published in Language Sciences found that using swear words is positively associated with overall verbal fluency. This means that individuals who use more curse words may have a better vocabulary, a trait associated with intelligence.PEOPLE WHO TAKE RISKSA 2015 Finnish study found that individuals who are open to new challenges and not afraid to take risks tend to have higher intelligence. In the study, volunteers were put in a driving simulation test where they had the opportunity to either drive past yellow traffic lights or wait for the lights to turn red. Results showed that participants who made quicker riskier decisions during the simulations had more white brain matter — an area of the brain associated with cognitive function.